Regina Tango Shoes

Regina Tango Shoes is a project spawned from the passion for shoes and the long experience of Eva Nataraja as a stylist in Paris, Spain, Germany, Italy and as an Argentinetango dancer, devotee and organizer of milongas in Rimini, Riccione, Italy, and Buenos Aires.
At first, Eva created 
tango shoes for herself and her friends, due to the lack of glamor in those Italian quality porteñe shoes and especially the lack of comfort in tango or traditional dance shoes.
In 2007, Eva decided to specialize in producing handmade shoes, first under the brand Bandolera tango shoes, then under the brand Regina Tango Shoes, combining quality, passion, elegance and comfort.
These many aspects allow Regina Tango Shoes customers to have upscale tango shoes in terms of comfort, style and safety while dancing.

Eva Nataraja

Eva Nataraja Stylist 

Graduated, at first, as a Master of Art and, then, studied to become a fashion designer, has worked for 12 years in fashion with top-ranked names such as:
and "Nataraja's BeachWear".
She has designed and produced the 
Tango footwear collection Bandolera from 2008 to 2010.


NOAVELLE SHOE COUTURE was founded in 2011 by Natalia Morozova to bring you unique and luxurious styles of shoes, with which you may easily fall head over heels in love!

The idea to create NOAVELLE came from a love of dance and  fashion; and so by fusing modern trends with the innovative and technical ability of a dance shoe, NOAVELLE was born.

NOAVELLE shoes are beautiful and comfortable, making them perfect for professional performers, as well as social dancers.

So whether it is a tango or salsa night, or a long family event, like a wedding or a christening, you can dance the night away in comfort and style.

NOAVELLE are produced in the heart of North Italy, alongside some of the World's most famous brands and fashion labels.

Each style is produced for a Limited Edition Collection, so you are guaranteed an almost unique pair of shoes.

NOAVELLE launched its first collection in June 2011, with the aim not only to satisfy the needs of dancers but for any woman who likes design and comfort!

We have resellers in France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Russia and UK so do not hesitate to 
contact them for current stock availability and upcoming events, or you can see our current selection and order directly from our website.  Also please do follow our Facebook Page

With lots of love,


Creator of Noavelle Shoe Couture